MPV-NY Hosts MPV’s 8th National Retreat

It’s our pleasure to announce that we will be hosting MPV’s Eighth Annual National Retreat – Islam for Critical Thinkers on August 30th in New York. As it will be our first big event, we would love to see everyone there.

The one-day event will be held at the Metropolitan Community Church of New York. We will be covering a variety of topics seldom addressed in mainstream circles. These include:

  • Child Marriage in America and Beyond
  • Blasphemy Laws and Freedom of Speech
  • Is Islam a Religion? Do Muslims Have the Last Word?
  • Critical Analysis and Interpretation: Scripture for the Liberal Muslim
  • Radical Dissociation: Breaking Away from Shackling Traditions

There will also be musical performances by Omnia and Leila Hegazy.

“At MPV we don’t accept the old traditional patriarchal interpretations of Islam as ‘absolute truth.’ We are instead offering a theology of inclusivity, critical thinking rooted in Islamic traditions as an alternative to the theology of hate, intolerance, misogyny and homophobia.” – MPV President & Founder Ani Zonneveld

Take this as an opportunity to meet like-minded people. MPV-NY is glad to provide an environment free of judgement for people to have intellectual discussions.

Be sure to grab your tickets over on Eventbrite beforehand! Hope to see you there.